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Bogasari Flour Mills has again chosen the invention of OCRIM

Bogasari Flour Mills has again chosen the invention of OCRIM
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The first milling plant built by Ocrim for Bogasari Flour Mills dates back to 1971. Since then, the partnership has intensified more and more, based on common values and objectives. In these 50 years of activity Bogasari Flour Mills, which is a business unit of the PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk group, has grown to become the main producer of wheat flour in Indonesia and one of the world’s largest milling facility. The largest production site is in Jakarta with a production of around 11,650 tons per day; the other site is located in Surabaya (East Java), with around 6000 tons per day.

The last project that committed Ocrim for three years concerns the Jakarta plant which has 15 milling lines – which the company identifies from letter A to letter O -, all equipped with Ocrim machines. The recent intervention had as its object the update of the H-I-J lines of the mammoth plant, but it was not a question of replacing only the 40-year-old machines with the latest technology.

From left: Mr. Alberto Antolini, CEO Ocrim, and Mr. Franciscus Welirang, CEO Bogasari Flour Mills. Picture: Collected

The work that Ocrim had to face was much more complex and required a highly innovative design, technical and technological strategy that would guarantee production without interruption and respond to new consumption trends. Therefore, the three milling lines, on customer’s request, have been updated one at a time, allowing production to continue uninterruptedly for 3 years necessary to make the update. An important challenge that Ocrim has brilliantly overcome by using new and patented programming and installation methods, increasing the production capacity of each milling line by 50% (from 800 to 1,200 tonnes per day). Find more…

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