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Bangladesh Poultry Industry in the face of loss

Bangladesh Poultry Industry in the face of loss
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GFMM desk: Bangladesh Poultry industry traders fear that the damage to the domestic poultry industry by the Coronavirus will exceed Tk. 1150 crore in 16 days from March 20 to April 4, 2020.

Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council (BPICC), a central organization of poultry traders has sought six types of assistance including financial incentives to protect the poultry industry from the damage.

According to the organization, the decline in poultry products in the market, and the inability to market the products produced, are experiencing huge losses, from the general deficiency to the industrial entrepreneurs. This amount is increasing every day. Besides, the only PRTC lab in the country operated under the Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University is closed because the raw materials used in the poultry industry cannot be exempted from the port. If this situation continues, the domestic poultry industry may stop.

BPICC president Mosiur Rahman said that due to the government’s move to prevent public meetings on Corona alert, the presence of buyers in the retail market from the wholesale market has decreased drastically. The prices of commodities like rice-pulses have increased significantly, but the price of broiler chicken, one-year-old baby and egg has dropped drastically. Production of poultry and fish feed declined by 75 percent. One day, the price of an old chicken has dropped to just Tk. 1, where the production cost is about Tk. 35. Besides, sales of poultry processed products have dropped by up to 95 percent.

“According to our preliminary estimates, the amount of casualties is expected to exceed Tk. 1,150 crore by April 4,” Rahman said. If this situation continues for one more week, the amount of damages will be Tk. 1650 crore. Even then, if the situation does not improve, the amount of damages will be around Tk. 100 crore daily. Moreover, if the situation is normal, it will take at least a month for the market to become normal.

Breeders Association of Bangladesh (BAB) President Rakibur Rahman Tutul said the loss to the breeders and hatchery industry is at least Tk. 458 crore. And Feeds Industries Association Bangladesh (FIAB) President Ehtesham B. Shahjahan said the loss in this industry is more than Tk. 75 crore. Also, according to BPICC, the estimated cost of commercial poultry (eggs, poultry) will be Tk. 503 crore, Tk. 31 crore in processed industry and at least Tk. 83 crore in animal husbandry.

The support sought by the government on behalf of the BPICC to turn around the poultry industry includes every branch of the poultry industry such as – registered breeder farms and hatcheries, commercial chicken farms, feed mills, pharmaceuticals and marketing companies, raw material suppliers Bank Interest waiver for the next six months; the Port Damage that is being deposited in the port is completely exempt. For the common people, the distribution of eggs and poultry, as part of the government’s food assistance; Provide 30% financial incentive for all sectors of poultry; as part of the awareness of ‘Covid-19’, the public and private media campaigned on eggs, milk, fish and meat.

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