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Agricultural technology exhibition fair was held in Dinajpur

Agricultural technology exhibition fair was held in Dinajpur
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The government is making continuous efforts to mechanize agriculture in order to develop and accelerate the agricultural sector of the country. A project worth Tk 3,020 crore for mechanization of farms has already started. The Ministry of Agriculture is organizing various activities to make farm mechanization more popular among the people of the country. As a part of this, an agricultural technology fair was organized on 15 March at Nashipur in Dinajpur on the initiative of Bangladesh Wheat and Maize Research Institute.

The chief guest at the workshop was Agriculture Minister Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak and the special guest was Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Md. Mesbahul Islam. Besides, Director General of Bangladesh Wheat and Maize Research Institute Dr. Md. Eshrail Hossain and regional officials of the Department of Agriculture were present. ACI Motors, a leading agricultural machinery supplier in the country, showcased Japanese and other modern agricultural machinery at the workshop.

Among the machines on display were state-of-the-art rice and wheat cutting, threshing, sifting and packing machines, the Yanmar Combine Harvester and Rice Transplanter in Japan. ACI Motors has been working for almost a decade to mechanize agriculture in Bangladesh. They are working with new ideas to spread all modern and high quality agricultural machinery among the common people. ACI Motors has revolutionized agriculture in Bangladesh by supplying more than 750 Yanmar combine harvesters even during the Corona disaster in the Boro season of 2020. Not only that, they are also ensuring after-sales service through efficient network and manpower across the country. Notification

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