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About Roller mill maintenance

About Roller mill maintenance
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  1. Check the bearing temperature frequently. If the temperature is too high, check the lubrication and transmission parts are in good condition or not.
  2. the conveyor belt should be tight, and the same group of conveyor belts should be consistent in the same length.
  3. The mill motor must start when disengaged.
  4. After starting the machine, check whether the components and connectors in the pressure pipe are leaking or damaged, and check whether the air pressure is working pressure or not.
  5. the feeding sensor device needs to be flexible and accurate; often clean up the powder in the cleaning brush to ensure its good operation; the collecting hopper can achieve smooth discharge;
  6. clean the impurities on the sensor board to avoid affecting the sensitivity.
  7. When the material is interrupted or stopped, the mill should be disengaged.

-By Tang Jiansong (Chinatown Flour Mill Machinery), Director at Zhengzhou Chinatown Grain Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Source: Online/SZK


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